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Work Culture Design

We are experiencing a social-labour crisis in which companies suffer from high turnover and lack of commitment by their employees.

As an effect of a post-pandemic era, social media revolution, and external effects, people are dealing with high anxiety, incredible frustration, and a decline in job satisfaction. The Great Resignation is now a concern of companies struggling to maintain and develop human talent.
Todas las manos adentro
   Strategic Design is the Solution.  

We design a work culture based on authentic and significant organizational values, rituals, and symbols. 

Our human center approach to understanding patterns and behaviors allows us to frame human resource opportunities. It's way beyond a work environment survey; we run business intelligence analysis, observation, and in-depth interviews to get to the root of the problem.
Our Design Model
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Assess the current state of the culture to align needs and priorities.

Design a culture strategy to achieve future state goals and outcomes.

Co-create and educate stakeholders to close current-to- future state gaps.

Institute cultural governance to manage and sustain the desired culture.



What is our Current Culture?

What is our DesIred Culture?

How do we evolve culture?

How de we sustain culture?


- Work Environment Analysis
- RH Innovation Workshops
- Ethnographic Research
​- Problem Framing
- From Problems to Possibilities

- Culture Design: Values, Rituals, and Symbols
- Culture Canvas
- Hiring and onboarding design experiences
Strategic Design

- Early Adopters and Culture Ambassadors campaign.
- Co-Creation and channel alignment
- Communication Strategies.


- Guiding Principles
- Governance and Model
- Performance Management
-Incentives and KPIS

Research demonstrates that fostering trust, developing psychological security, and good leadership are vital to increase workforce retention and satisfaction. Nonetheless, an employee that fits with the company's values and culture is proven to be more loyal, offer better customer service, and see behalf of the business interests. 
Trabajo en equipo

The most accurate way of  delivery outstanding customer  service, is to care first of your  employees.

Employee Lifecycle

Lifetime Employee.png

¿Cómo recrutamos?

Lore ipsum

Have you ever considered that the physical space of your office, warehouse, kitchen, etc is directly related to your employee performance, engagement, and efficiency?

Our team of designers and architects will design not only the optimum layout but the design and selection or ergonomic furniture, acoustic and right materials to enhance performance and collaboration. 
Meeting at office

 Is your physical space ideal for your employee development? 

Strong leaders earn loyalty, weak leaders demand it.

Great companies develop leaders, it is not a matter of just promoting people who are performing well in their current positions, but equipping talent with resources to empower people and develop trust and cooperation.

Reach out we will be glad to chat and see how we can help to achieve your goals

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